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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Women should have their breast Sucked thoroughly - BBC

Women should have their breast Sucked

Soon women will start paying men handsomely to suck their breasts – BBC top news story.

Doctors have recommended that women can reduce their risk of getting Breast Cancer by having their breasts thoroughly and vigorously sucked.

It is said that regular sucking of the breast lowers the risk level that tends to build up lumps leading to Breast Cancer.

The breast must be sucked as often as possible to help the woman fight Breast Cancer.
Men, please do your part and suck a breast.

Women, please endeavour to make it available regularly.

This message is from the Ministry of Health, in the fight against Breast Cancer.

Please comply, save a life today. Suck a breast!

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  1. well as for me,i love sucking breast to my satsfaction,but this time you guys have kill me cuz i will not remove my mouth from any breast i grab.

  2. U guys should suck all d breast cancer in ur woman's breast cos it might result 2 blood cancer!..

  3. Good for me.I sent this to my hubby.Hope he does it often and gives me immense joy.Its ORGASMIC.

  4. It's a biological need of women that their breasts are taken care of by their men,else they feel unloved.All Love starts from the breasts.Women love their men who loves their breasts.

  5. The Photo Link doesn't open.Photos deliver the message more effectively.

  6. Nice and cheap method of preventing Cancer

  7. My hubby keeps touching my breasts whenever we are alone.Its nice but I tell him to do all this during night.And when I bare my breasts he grabs it,rubs the nipples and plays with them.

  8. Sucking keeps them in shape,breasts need touching and fondling or else they loose tightness.Sucking prevents sagging and nipples erect.I bare them daily for hubby to play night long so that he is addicted to them.Men are forever hungry for breastsand women also hungry for love.

  9. I never thought that sucking of Breasts could be so enjoyable until my hubby started to suck them whenever he wanted to make love and I was not in the mood for it.It makes the vagina want for the penis.And after some time,I begged him to put his penis inside.It was so orgasmic.

  10. I just love doing that and in return when she sucked my nipple unexpectedly i jumped off from the bed naked and she ran after me.What a moment !!!! I never knew woman too enjoyed that kind of thing. Sometimes i smile thinking of it and she looks suspicious not knowing what was that for. Sometimes I do get attacked by her. Keeps us on toes. cheers !!

  11. I don't do it fr breast cancer I luv it I sleep nude with my hubby and till mid night he willhalf the time suck them nd half the time he will sqeeze it or put ice cubes on them.and we have sex evryday from six am to twelve pm

  12. Well guys, I don' think sucking breasts prevents "BREAST CANCER" those are urs, SORRY, WRONG trick try others

  13. I want the original link from BBC. It is kinda annoying that my hubby does not suck them till I ask him to do so. but then he does it gently


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